Is Disney’s New Cruise Ship Worth the $97,000 Price Tag

Disney Treasure Tomorrow Suite
Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Yes, you heard that correctly: $97,000! Disney Cruise Line revealed many new details for their newest ship, Disney Treasure. Joining the fleet of now seven, the ship is to set sail in December 2024. The reveal on September 5, originally set for an earlier date, was pushed back due to Hurricane Idalia hitting the state of Florida. During the unveiling, Guests were swooped up in adventure featuring our favorite Disney stories and characters, learning where the inspiration met creativity aboard.

Disney Treasure encompasses the spirit of adventure while offering the feel of royalty during your voyage. From kids clubs to adult-only spaces like Skipper Society to an onboard water attraction, Guests of all ages can find their fit aboard Disney Treasure. The unveiling released most, not all, surprises Guests would experience, keeping some close to the chest as we patiently waited for the first adventure to set sail. But Disney did not hide the living accommodations, as that may have been the most impressive part of all.

Disney Treasure

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Disney Treasure Staterooms and Suites

On board, Guests have options from staterooms with an ocean view, accessible accommodations, a balcony, and suites. The brand-new rooms, staterooms, and suites transport Guests into a magical experience. No matter your choice of stay, it looks like you’ll enjoy a relaxing vacation at sea with interiors designed by classic Disney films.

The most grand suite of all is the Tomorrow Tower Suite. This suite pulls inspiration directly from Walt Disney World’s Park EPCOT. The spiral staircase, along with the hidden Figment figures throughout the suite, is just a few touches Imagineers incorporated in the design. The luxurious two-story suite comes at a hefty price tag, though, that has some Disney fans shocked.

Disney Treasure Tomorrow Suite

Credit: Disney Cruise Line

While Disney fans are used to a Disney vacation being less than cheap, between travel, Park tickets, food, and anything additional like shopping, the price can add up quickly. But the stay at Tomorrow Tower Suite makes a regular Disney vacation look meek in comparison. Reposted on X was the price breakdown for the suite, as some Guests already have access to pre-booking. Guests who are Disney Cruise Line members or Disney Vacation Members have been granted an earlier date to reserve, while general reservations begin on September 20, 2023.

As seen below on Ashley Carter’s X page, the Concierge Tomorrow Tower Suite includes a double wall pull-down bed, bunk bed, two king beds, floor-to-ceiling oceanview window, a tub with a shower, and a walk-in shower. Priced for two adults and one child, the room price is a mere $97, 131.62.

Expensive Stay at Tomorrow Tower Suite

“Yep, one dedicated Disney fan has booked out the EPCOT-themed Tomorrow Tower Suite,” Inside the Magic said. It certainly takes dedication to Disney and the funding to book the most exclusive room on the ship. Fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the suite’s price tag. While many were envious of whoever is able to stay in the luxury, many joked about how difficult it would be to expense that kind of Disney trip.

Would you spend $97,000 on a Disney vacation?

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