PHOTOS & VIDEO: Get a Closer Look at Disney’s Upcoming Nighttime Spectacular

Just one month ago, Disney Tips covered Disney’s latest nighttime spectacular. Today, we have pictures and a video giving Disney fans an even closer look at the upcoming show.

world of color one

Credit: Disney

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Beginning January 27 of this year, the Disney100 celebration will begin, commemorating 100 years of the Walt Disney Company, the fantastic stories the company has brought to audiences, and the talented creators who shaped them.

We have no doubt that this celebration will be larger than life, pushing boundaries and reaching new heights in a way only Disney could accomplish.

world of color

Credit: Disney

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The momentous occasion will kick off in Disneyland California Adventure Park with the newest nighttime spectacular, World of Color – ONE. According to Disney Parks Blog’s official announcement, the show comprises iconic musical moments “brought to life by mist screens and 1,200 dancing fountains, combined with brilliant lighting, projection, laser, fog, and flame effects.”

world of color

Credit: Disney

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Disneyland California Adventure Park’s World of Color – ONE isn’t just a beautiful display accompanied by moving music. The overall message is that all it takes to make significant changes is one person, such as Walt Disney, and the legacy he created.

This inspiring message is emphasized by the characters appearing in this stunning display and the daunting journeys they’ve gone on to make changes in their own lives.

world of color

Credit: Disney

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World of Color – ONE is also said to be one of the most diverse nighttime spectaculars, including many characters of color.

Not only that, but it’s also the first Disneyland Resort nighttime spectacular to feature Disney characters, Pixar characters, Marvel characters, and even Star Wars characters in the same production.

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Check out this short preview for a glimpse of the magic!

Who are you most excited to see in Disney’s World of Color – ONE?

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