VIDEO: Classic Disney Attraction Came to a Halt After An Unexpected, Adorable Guest Appeared

Ever since it was confirmed that January 23 would be the last day of operation for Splash Mountain before closing, Guests have been flocking to the attraction. Whether in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom or in Disneyland, Guests are scrambling to experience the classic log flume ride before it’s rethemed to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

However, one Guest in particular also made sure to visit the attraction…even if he wasn’t invited.

Splash Mountain WDW

Credit: Disney

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Recently, a Guest captured a video of a possum on the tracks of Splash Mountain in a Disney Park, preventing the ride from operating.

In the video, we can see that the possum is just sitting there while Guests wait in line. Many of the Guests and other Disney fans found this silly and funny.


Bro was in protest of the Splash Mountain retheme 😭 #Disneyland #disneyworld #splashmountain #Disney #disneyadult @Disney Parks

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One TikTok user replied, writing “He wants to be on the ride and have a fun time.”

Another TikTok user also joked around, saying, “He’s trying out for his part in the retheme lol.”


Credit: Disney

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Whether this turn of events took place in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland or Disneyland Park’s Critter Country, Disney fans cannot ignore the irony of the possum’s presence. In one Disney Park, he’s one of the creatures of Frontierland’s wilderness, and in another, he’s one of the critters themselves!


Credit: World of Disney

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However the possum got there, he certainly made a number of Guests’ days at Disney even more exciting. After all, you don’t see a possum on the tracks every day at Disney!

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