Skip That Quick Service Restaurant, Eat Here Instead at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

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Disney’s Magic Kingdom is the Park most Guests think of when they think of Walt Disney World. Chances are, you’ll spend a decent amount of time exploring Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Liberty SquareMain Street, U.S.A., and Tomorrowland – and rightfully so!  

But where will you go when hunger pains strike? Sure, you could opt for a table service restaurant – there are plenty of those in Magic Kingdom Park. But sometimes it’s great not to need a reservation and make a quick, casual stop for food, so you can get back to enjoying the Park! Here are some quick service restaurants you will love at Disney’s Magic Kingdom – and a few you can safely skip.

Skip: Pinocchio Village Haus

Like most eateries in Walt Disney World, the worst we can say of even our least favorite quick service restaurants in Magic Kingdom is that they’re mediocre. This is the case with Pinocchio Village Haus in Fantasyland. As the name suggests, the theming here is inspired by the animated film Pinocchio, and the beautiful murals inside make that clear.

There’s abundant seating inside (most coveted are the tables with a view of the loading area for the attraction It’s a Small World), or you can sit outside under an umbrella to get some relief from the Orlando sun. So far, so good. But it’s the food itself at Pinocchio Village Haus that brings the dining experience here down.

The menu here largely comprises various kinds of flatbread – meat, cheese, Margherita, pepperoni. The problem is that they’re all pretty standard and not especially flavorful. If members of your party aren’t picky about their flatbreads and don’t mind choosing from a limited menu, you’ll be fine – but there’s better quick service food to be had within the Park.

Eat At: Casey’s Corner Instead

Casey’s Corner has been a beloved Magic Kingdom fixture for years. The awesomeness starts with its prime location on Main Street, U.S.A., in view of the iconic Cinderella Castle.  

This is the place to go for hot dogs in Walt Disney World, topped with various yummy fixings like chili cheese topping, strawberry-bacon jam, and even funnel cake. Or you can opt for the classic corn dog nuggets or chili cheese fries. There are even a couple of plant-based dogs for veggiesauruses so that everyone can get in on the fun.

You can grab one of the limited tables inside, but why would you when you could eat outside, so close to Cinderella Castle you can almost touch it?

Skip: The Friar’s Nook

Next to Princess Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland stands The Friar’s Nook. The theming – what there is – is inspired by Disney’s animated film Robin Hood, with a Tudor-inspired exterior. But there’s very little seating at this quick service restaurant, and it offers one of the most limited menus of any true quick service restaurant in Magic Kingdom.

Still, the dishes that are here will fill you up! Hearty fare like macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, and tots abound – and there’s even a plant-based bratwurst which both vegans and those who do eat meat seem to enjoy. Feel free to skip this one if you’re looking for a menu variety.

Eat At: Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café 

We’ve always had great quick service dining experiences at this Old West eatery in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland. Close to Disney’s Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain attractions, the location is a point in its favor. There’s also a huge amount of air-conditioned seating inside, all in fun, darkly rustic Western saloon style that perfectly fits its Frontierland location.

We love the variety of (mostly) Mexican food here, which is impressive for a quick service spot in WDW. Fajitas, chicken or pork rice bowls, beef or chicken or pork nachos, burgers, salads – they’re all here, along with fun Western sides like black beans, guacamole, and tortilla chips. You can customize your meal by asking for your favorite toppings, and it’s great to find offerings that veer out of the well-trod chicken nugget territory.

Other Quick Service Options

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is blessed with many quick service locations, although many of those (like Golden Oak Outpost and Westward Ho in Frontierland, Liberty Square Market in Liberty Square, Aloha Isle in Adventureland, The Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland, and Prince Eric’s Village Market in Fantasyland) are more like snack stands, with limited menus (and often limited seating) that a Guest will only want to visit if looking for a very specific item, like turkey legs.

There are also a couple of seasonal quick service locations that are only open during busy seasons (Tortuga Tavern in Adventureland, Tomorrowland Terrance Restaurant in Tomorrowland).

There are a couple of true quick service options in Magic Kingdom that didn’t make it on this list and fall somewhere between “eat here” and “skip”. Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square features funnel cake and waffles (those can masquerade as meals, right??).  Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café in Tomorrowland offers standard quick service fare, but an animatronic alien’ll serenade you while you eat. Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square specializes in seafood and has some great views over the Park from the second floor.

Bottom Line

It can be difficult to know where to head for a quick bite to eat in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, with many snack stands and proper quick service restaurants scattered across the Park. Knowing which to skip and which deserves a place on your “eat at” list will take some of the guesswork out of a Guest’s magical day!

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