Water Parks

Disney Tips shares news and updates, as well as trivia, on Walt Disney World’s two water parks: Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.

Off-Limits Locations We Wish We Could Explore at Disney Parks

Off-Limits Cover Feature

If you are honest with yourself, then as a Disney fan, you can truthfully admit to having had the desire to explore some of those enticing, off-limits sections found throughout various Disney Park locations on more than one occasion. What secrets are hiding just out of reach of public scrutiny? Moreover, why do we yearn to enter into forbidden, highly ...

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Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon to Reopen With Exciting Special Events

Typhoon Lagoon

Guests hoping to cool off at the Walt Disney World Resort often plan to spend a day at either Disney’s Blizzard Beach or Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. Both water parks offer incredible theming, slides for the whole family, wave pools, delicious eats, specialty cocktails, and more (all without the need to make a reservation, unlike the other four Disney theme parks.) ...

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The Disney World Event Extras You Need to Know About

Events to Know About Feature Image

Any visit to Walt Disney World Resort is a time to celebrate. But depending on specific seasons or what special events may coincide with your plans for an upcoming trip, you may opt for even more magical endeavors. From public festival events that are open to all and are even included with regular Park admission to special ticketed events that ...

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Creepy Urban Legends and Rumors About Disney Parks

Disney Rumors Feature Image

Over the years, some pretty creepy stuff has come out about the Walt Disney Company and Disney Parks. From elaborate conspiracy theories to ghoulish ghost stories, repeatedly retold myths to the occasional strange-but-true facts that have been embellished beyond recognition from their former formats, there is no shortage of the ever-growing collaborative of Disney lore and legends. Some folks genuinely ...

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Entire Disney Park to Remain Closed for the Day

Update: Disney’s Blizzard Beach is open regular hours again beginning Tuesday, February 14, 2023. For the latest on changes to Disney Park hours, read this article.  The Walt Disney World Resort is home to four theme parks, two water parks, and Disney Springs, the Resort’s shopping, dining, and entertainment complex. It typically takes severe weather patterns or a major refurbishment ...

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The Romantic Spots in Disney World You May Be Overlooking

Lesser Known Romantic Spots (Beach) Feature Image

Walt Disney World Resort may be the closest thing to a fairytale dream come true on Earth. And because fairytales are all about romance and inspiring ideas for living happily ever after, it isn’t any wonder that there are just so many charming and romantic locations making up the Disney World scene. Some spots are relatively obvious, like all those ...

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Ways to Keep Cool When Visiting Disney World

Elsa, Frozone, and Olaf Keeping Cool Feature Image

It’s a well-known fact that temperatures can heat up tremendously in the sunny state of Florida. The consistently warm climate here was, after all, one of the main reasons why Walt Disney sought out this location in particular as the site for his follow-up Disney Resort and theme park. While warmer weather works better for running a year-round theme park ...

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Need a Break from Disney? Check Out These Theme Parks

Alternate Parks to Disney Feature

Famous Disney destinations like the iconic original Disneyland Resort in California and the impressive Walt Disney World Resort in Florida have long stood out as exemplified options that everyone longs to go on vacation to at least once in their lifetime. The callout “I’m going to Disney World/Disneyland” has even become a common declaration by winning professional athletes as the ...

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