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Disney Dad Prompts Toddler To Ask Jack Sparrow About His Alcohol Consumption

Recently, a TikTok video surfaced on social media, letting Disney fans in on a somewhat awkward interaction. The character meet-and-greet occurred at New Orleans Square near the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

Jack Sparrow was on hand to hobnob with Guests as Disneyland’s pirate ship sat anchored in the Rivers of America behind him. As the video opens Jack is holding hands with a sweet little, three year old girl, wearing a Little Mermaid (1989) shirt.

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

Credit: Disney

Though her voice is a bit muffled, the child can be heard asking the charismatic pirate if he’s allowed to drink at Disneyland. Jack repeats the question back with a confused look on his face, thinking he must’ve heard her wrong.

Not knowing what to do, he shakes his head no, and then directs his attention to her dad, who’s holding the camera. The dad starts laughing as Jack inquires if he was the one who put his daughter up to the offputting remark.


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The Disney dad admits to his actions, much to the surprise of his wife, who is standing nearby. When the mom finds out that her daughter asked such a question, she gasps in shock as the dad continues to chuckle.

She asks her husband why he would tell their daughter to do such a thing, to which he blames the rum! Jack looks both surprised and amused by the probably unprecedented situation, and plays it off beautifully, staying fully in character the entire time.

Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland

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The interaction was definitely light hearted, but still may be surprising to some. Jack went on to try and answer the question, saying that in order for him to do business there, and acquire more crew for his ship, there are rules he has to follow.

By this time everybody is in stitches as they laugh at his attempt to smooth things over. We’ve reported on a lot of different character interactions here on Disney Tips, but never any quite like this one! Although, Jack Sparrow, brilliantly portrayed by Johnny Depp in the movie franchise, has always been known to give Disney fans a good laugh.

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