Disney World Guest Jumps Off Bridge (VIDEO)

Disney Guest Jumps with caution sign
Credit: @disfamilyadventures on TikTok / Canva Editing

A viral video from earlier this week captures the horrifying scene as a Disney guest jumps off a bridge.

EPCOT's Spaceship Earth

Credit: D23

The Horrifying Incident

A TikTok video shows a man climbing over a railing and standing, debating whether or not he should jump.

Disney Guest Jumps

Credit: Disney / @yeazel97

In the footage, other Disney park guests warn the individual not to do it. He is repeatedly warned that he will likely get banned from Walt Disney World for life – but he doesn’t seem to care.

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The shocking incident happened at EPCOT in what appears to be the Italy pavilion. The guest seems to be standing on one of the bridges that connects the Italy pavilion to the Isola del Lago (Isle of the Lake).


Credit: Disney

This tiny spot in EPCOT was built to represent one of the islands of Venice while also allowing Disney to represent several bridges that capture the essence of Venice.

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This theme park area is often used for private groups during nighttime shows and other special events. This area also contains a couple of Italian gondolas (although these are not used for rides or transportation).

The video of the jumper also shows him climbing over these gondolas as he escapes from the water.

Reckless behavior such as this defies the Walt Disney World Resort’s safety protocols and endangers a guest’s safety.

The Shocking Video

The incident, which unfolded in front of a crowd of onlookers, sent shockwaves throughout social media after it was posted on TikTok yesterday (October 23). Onlookers were left both horrified and concerned for the well-being of the individual.

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The video shows one guest standing on the edge of a bridge in EPCOT, debating whether or not to jump. Some people in the background yell several things, such as “GO” and Security is on the way.

A second part of the video shows the reckless Disney guest swimming out of the water and climbing over a Gondola.

The video has garnered dozens of comments showcasing people’s concern, shock, and contempt over the jumping guests.

Walt Disney World Ban

Walt Disney World Resort maintains strict guidelines to ensure every park guest can enjoy a safe and enjoyable visit. From height requirements on rides to safety rules around walkways and transportation, these rules are intended to prevent accidents and keep guests safe.

Disney Guests

Credit: Disney

This guest was likely escorted off Walt Disney World Resort property by a cast member or Disney security team. Recently, Walt Disney World has been cracking down on reckless guest behavior.

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The rise in dangerous actions from park guests can likely be attributed to stunts designed to get likes or reactions on social media. And this particular incident seems to be no different.

This is not an issue of someone having an emergency or getting into an argument. There’s nothing to indicate that this guest was intoxicated or even drinking. It seems to be a blatant attempt to get some social media clout.

Banned at Disney World

Credit: Disney / Canva Editing

But whether that was the true intention or not, it’s a safe bet to assume they are banned for life from Walt Disney World (and perhaps other Disney properties).

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