Over 30 Disney Movie Release Dates to Know

Calling all Disney movie fans! The 2022 D23 Expo was overwhelming as Disney dropped one movie announcement after another. Now, a fan has compiled a full list of theatrical release dates between now and 2028 that you’ll want to add to your calendar.

We already know The Walt Disney Company’s streaming service, Disney+, is keeping busy with original releases such as the recent live-action Pinocchio and upcoming Hocus Pocus 2 and Disenchanted. But, if you’re looking for that theatrical experience, Disney has you covered in the months and years to come.

hocus pocus 2
“Hocus Pocus 2” (Credit: Disney)

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You’ll especially want to pay extra close attention to next summer (2023), as it’s going to be a busy time in the theaters for Disney film fans across the globe as Walt Disney Animation Studio dropped film after film!

@ErikDavis took to social media to provide a full updated list, noting, “Here is the full theatrical release schedule for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures from 2022-2028, as of 9/15/22.” Check out the impressive lineup below.

2022 Films:

Strange World
“Strange World” (Credit: Disney)
  • 9/16/22: See How They Run (Searchlight)
  • 9/23/22: Avatar (Re-release by 20th Century Studios)
  • 10/7/22: Amsterdam (20th Century)
  • 10/21/22: The Banshees of Inisherin (Limited – Searchlight)
  • 11/11/22: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Disney)
  • 11/18/22: The Menu (Searchlight)
  • 11/23/22: Strange World (Disney)
  • 12/9/22: Empire of Light (Limited – Searchlight)
  • 12/16/22: Avatar: The Way of Water (20th Century)

2023 Films:

“Elemental” (Credit: Disney)

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  • 2/7/23: Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania (Disney)
  • 4/21/23: Next Goal Wins (Searchlight)
  • 5/5/23: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (Disney)
  • 5/26/23: The Little Mermaid Live Action (Disney)
  • 6/16/23: Elemental (Disney)
  • 6/30/23: Untitled Indiana Jones (Disney)
  • 7/28/23: The Marvels (Disney)
  • 8/11/23: Haunted Mansion (Disney)
  • 9/15/23: Untitled 20th Century Film (20th Century)
  • 10/6/23: True Love (20th Century)
  • 11/3/23: Blade (Disney)
  • 11/22/23: Wish (Disney)

2024 Films:

Elio Disney Pixar
“Elio” (Credit: Disney)r
  • 3/1/24: Elio (Disney)
  • 3/22/24: Snow White (Disney)
  • 5/3/24: Captain American: New World Order (Disney)
  • 5/24/24: Untitled 20th Century (20th Century)
  • 6/14/24: Inside Out 2 (Disney)
  • 7/5/24: Mufasa – The Lion King (Disney)
  • 7/26/24: Thunderbolts (Disney)
  • 9/6/24: Untitled Marvel (Disney)
  • 11/8/24: Fantastic Four (Disney)
  • 12/20/24: Avatar 3 (20th Century)

2025 Films:

Credit: Marvel
  • 2/14/25: Untitled Marvel (Disney)
  • 5/2/25: Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (Disney)
  • 7/25/25: Untitled Marvel (Disney)
  • 11/7/25: Avengers: The Secret Wars (Disney)
  • 12/19/25: Untitled Star Wars (Disney)

2026 Films:

  • 2/13/26: Untitled Marvel (Disney)
  • 5/1/26: Untitled Marvel (Disney)
  • 7/24/26: Untitled Marvel (Disney)
  • 11/6/26: Untitled Marvel (Disney)
  • 12/18/26: Avatar 4 (20th Century)

2027 Films:

  • 12/17/27: Untitled Star Wars (Disney)

2028 Films:

  • 12/22/28: Avatar 5 (Disney)

We’re especially intrigued by the recent trailers for Strange World (2022) and Haunted Mansion (2023). We were also in the Movie Panel when Disney talked about its next big animated film, Wish (2023). It seems like Disney is really focused on bringing back “classic Disney” with that upcoming release!

“Wish” (Credit: Disney)

Of course, keep in mind that Disney has been known to shift release dates. After the push of movie dates caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we’re hoping Disney and its film release time frames are beginning to get back on track.

We’ll be sure to share updates with Disney Tips readers as we learn more about these upcoming theatrical releases. In the meantime, get the popcorn ready!

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